Minigolf Lahti
Lahden Central Park | Kaarikatu 30, LAHTI | 041-314 3590

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Minigolf Lahti

A new 18 hole adventure minigolf course is coming to Laune!

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Walk-in price list:
35€ / 60min
45€ / 90min
55€ / 120min
Racket rental 3€
Balls (sleeve of 3) 7€
Open every day 9-22
Reservations p. 041-314 3590 and at the coffee shop

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More info and bookings: Padel Laune.

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NOTE! From July 8, 2021 invoices will only be issued for purchases of at least 100€.

Smaller purhases only with cards or cash.

On August 3, 2018 we have been granted full A-rights to sell alcoholic beverages in the coffee shop, on the terrace and the playing area. With exception of the Fun Fun Family course where there will be no service of alcoholic beverages in the daytime until 6 pm.

Note! It is absolutely prohibited to bring your own alcoholic beverages onto the area.

Lahti Minigolf Centre Laune

The idea of building a Minigolf Center was born in 1995.

I had a chance to be one of the Finnish National Team members for the first time in 1983. That competition took place in Vaskiluoto, Vaasa. We were very successful that year; a promising young man, Jari Siebenberg, was the first Finnish player to win the European Championships. As a team, we won the bronze medal, and I had the honor to be part of all this.

After participating in competitions all around Europe and experiencing the top level of minigolf, I wanted to create an international minigolf center, where we could play the European and World Championships, with both felt and eternite courses.

After contacting several decision makers in the capital area, it seemed that Helsinki was not a realistic place to build it. The closest possible place was Lahti, which has been known as Finland’s sports capital. The city of Lahti was passionate about the idea and decided to rent 11.000 m² of land from a central, family-friendly park in Laune. There was enough space to build four different minigolf courses, a clubhouse and a restaurant. We signed the rental contract in December 2005.

We began building the Lahti Minigolf Center immediately in January 2006 and opened the first 18-hole, competition level minigolf course in June. The following year we built an 18-hole Fun-Fun family course. The clubhouse was completed in 2009 and the eternite course in 2010. We also have an option to build an 18-hole adventure course which is planned to be completed in 2022-24.

In 2012 the WMF (World Minigolf Federation) approved for us to host two World Championship-level competitions: The Youth World Championships in 2014 and the World Championships in 2015. The same year EMF (European Minigolf Federation) also approved for us to host the Senior European Championships in 2016.

As of all these international competitions were played in Lahti between 2014-2016, I can now say that my dreams had finally come true. Big thanks to the City of Lahti for supporting our great sport.

You’re warmly welcome to visit the Lahti Minigolf Center anytime and play on our great courses.

Welcome to Laune!

Rolf Bergström